Find out what makes The Panic Room special

Mikael Wilkman

"Plec's work on pop/rock is on par with most mixes coming out of Nashville!"

/ Mikael Wilkman

Ronnie Björnström

"I've been collaborating with The Panic Room for a lot of years now and they always deliver mixes, masters and re-amp projects flawlessly!"

/ Ronnie Björnström
Enhanced Audio Productions (Aeon, Cut Up, Sorcerer, 220 Volt)

Chris Themelco

"Working with The Panic Room means that my mixes always get the attention and quality treatment they deserve. Plec always works WITH me when Mastering my work and it's that back and forth and trust that always means the end result is not only what I could have hope, but hit right out of the ballpark instead"

/ Chris Themelco
Monolith Studios, Australia (Orpheus Omega, Harlott)

Christian Älvestam

"Having been working together with Plec for 17 years now says it all! He's like the brother I never had, who knows me like nobody else."

/ Christian Älvestam
(Solution .45, Torchbearer, Svavelvinter)

Andy Gillion, Ville Viljanen

"After having the last three of our albums mixed and mastered by Plec, I consider him to be like an extra member of the band. I'm certain that if we had chosen a different man for the job the albums would not sound anywhere near as good as they turned out. This is down to Plec's technical talents of course, but moreso his dedication to going above and beyond what he's paid to do. He's more than an engineer, he inspires and brings a positive vibe to the project and it's all reflected in the music."

/ Andy Gillion, Ville Viljanen
(Mors Principium Est)

Jonas Kjellgren

"Plec has been delivering great over the Top masters for me for the last 13 years, always a blast listening back to his awesome masters."

/ Jonas Kjellgren
(Scar Symmetry, Raubtier, Bourbon Boys, Sonic Syndicate)

Janne Jarvis

"Having worked with Plec for many years, the word that comes to mind is 'musicality'. Technically highly adept, with an unwavering and intuitive approach to music, this is someone a musician can trust to go the extra mile to ensure the finished tracks are fully realised."

/ Janne Jarvis
(Warrior Soul, Hate Gallery)

Dirk Verbeuren

"Soilwork handed Plec the tricky job of mastering a compilation spanning six different recording sessions. Not only did he do an absolutely terrific job, he was also a breeze to work with. All hail Plec!"

/ Dirk Verbeuren
(Megadeth, Soilwork, Scarve)

Tobias Lindell

"Plec keeps pushing the limits and making great noise at The Panic Room. Very happy to be a part of that with the Lindell MM-24 active speaker system. The setup and room sounds insainly good."

/ Tobias Lindell
(Mustasch, Europe, Hardcore Superstar)

David Castillo

"It is a true pleasure working with Plec. He always brings such a positive energy with him in to the studio. A true pro is an understatement, he keeps me on my toes! An overall great engineer, musician and person. I love that he is such a gear geek as well."

/ David Castillo
(Opeth, Bloodbath, Dark Tranquility, Katatonia)

Nalle Påhlsson

"I´ve had the great honor to be working with Thomas "Plec" Johansson at The Panic Room which I consider is making the absolute top-notch music productions of today."

/ Nalle Påhlsson
(Therion, Treat)

Jani Stefanovic

"I've had the pleasure of working with Plec for 11 years now. He has been involved in basically everything I have released up to date. Upped his game on every new release we have worked on, giving beyond 100% every time. So fortunate to have been a part of your amazing journey."

/ Jani Stefanovic
(Solution .45, Miseration, Essence Of Sorrow)

Ermin Hamidovic

"Before I met Plec, I was positive that mastering was an obligatory process you ran through to make your music sound worse. Needless to say, he showed me the effect that a professional, experienced ear can have on music. The techniques we developed and shared with each other further helped to enrich my own career in the years to come. Plec is the man!"

/ Ermin Hamidovic
Systematic Productions (Periphery, Devin Townsend)

Ermin Hamidovic

"Having worked with Plec on both pop and metal recording projects, I've found that the communication is easy and quick, and above all that his mixing and mastering work is of world-class quality. I simply could not be any happier with the results!"

/ Chris Amott
(Armageddon, Arch Enemy)

Max Norman

"There are few studios in the world that make me comfortable. The Panic Room is one in a million – excellent monitoring, a beautiful console and some tasty outboard! A world-class mix-room run by world class people!"

/ Max Norman
(Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Lynch Mob, Y&T)

Victor Olsson

"Plec is a true audiophile. And with the musicality and creative mind to match it. A master at his craft!"

/ Victor Olsson
(Saffire, Gathering Of Kings)

Johan Frandsen

"Plec is definitely one of the most inspiring and talented people to work with in the music industry."

/ Johan Frandsen
(The Knockouts, The GoGetters)

Mattias Eklundh

"Plec is one of the Real Guys out there with infinite sonic knowledge. I searched high and low for someone with monumental, liberal musical ears who could treat my home-brewed music the right away, to really get under the skin of each strange tune. Needless to say, Plec pulled it off in a grand way!"

/ Mattias Eklundh
(Freak Kitchen, Freak Guitar)

Mattias Eklundh

"For the last decade and a half, Plec has been my go-to guy whenever I've needed a pair of extra sharp ears for my most important projects."

/ Jari Lindholm
(Slumber, Enshine)

Sight of Emptiness

"Expecting the unexpected... what a great and sweet surprise it was work with such a talented and down to earth human being! Plec was and IS our first choice when it comes to produce, record & mix new music. We can't wait to start working closely with him on our upcoming album."

/ Eduardo Chacón Zúñiga
(Sight Of Emptiness)

Erik Wiss

"Besides knowing his craft and delivering consistent professional results, Plec is a true gentleman and a pleasure to work with."

/ Erik Wiss
(Eleine, Creye, Cruzh)

CJ Grimmark

"Plec delivers, always with a smile, and with attention to the smallest details as well as the big picture. His attitude and professionalism, along with gear to die for, guarantees nothing but amazing results. Always."

/ CJ Grimmark
(Narnia, Rob Rock)