Multi Grammy, Gold & Platinum Award Winning Mixing/Mastering Studio

Serving a wide range of clients from concept to finish line worldwide since 2001

Mixing & Mastering is what we live for!

In this day and age where many artists and musicians create most recordings and productions on their own, what we bring to the table is one and a half decade of experience in realizing musical ideas and how to maximize their potentials in reaching and touching the end listener.


Where we bridge the gap between the artists vision and the outside world.

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Where we creatively shape and optimize all elements of production and recording in order to have the best possible foundation for the mastering process.

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Where we work with the artist in realizing their musical vision in terms of song writing, arranging and recording.

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Online Mastering

We also offer an online mastering service as "The Mastering Collective", where a REAL mastering engineer will handle your project and optimize it by ear.

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Our Awards

We have worked with many artists throughout the years.

Platinum Record Award

Melodifestivalen (2006)
Melodi Grand Prix (2006)
Scotts (2008)
Melodifestvalen (2012) x4
Melodifestvalen (2014)
Melodifestvalen (2015)
Melodifestvalen (2016)

Gold Record Award

Anne Nordsti (2004)
Fame Factory Vol.9 (2005)
Scotts (2009)
Bandit Rock (2009)
Waldo's People (2009)
Watain (2010)
Elisa's (2011)
Auryn (2015)
Magnus Carlsson (2015)

Swedish Grammy Award

Watain (2010)
Elisa's (2014)
Elisa's (2015)

American Independent Music Awards

Best Punk Rock Album

The Knockouts (2011)

German Metal Hammer

Best Newcomer Award

Eskimo Callboy (2013)

Costa Rica ACAM Award

Best Metal Album

Sight of Emptiness (2014)

Swedish Guldklaven

Radio Award

Elisa's (2011)

Best Song Award

Zekes (2012)
Elisa's (2013)

Best Artist Award

Sannex (2014)

Best Album Award

Casanovas (2017)

Eurovision Song Contest

Finals 2015

#11 / Nina Sublatti (Georgia)

Semi-Finals 2015

#13 / Anti Social Media (Denmark)

Finals 2016

#21 / Minus One (Cyprus)
#20 / Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitas (Georgia)

Maltese Eurovision

Finals 2008

#1 / Morena

Spanish Eurovision

Finals 2009

#4 / Mirela

Finals 2010

#2 / Coral Segovia

Spanish Album Charts


#1 / Auryn

World Dance Charts


#3 / Henrik B feat. Terri Bjerre

Billboard Top Electronic Albums


#3 / Club Life: Volume One Las Vegas" feat. "Henrik B feat. Christian Älvestam

Billboard Heatseeker Charts


#11 / Scar Symmetry

Swedish Album Charts


#1 / Elisa's


#6 / Casanovas

Swedish Single Charts


#18 / Björn Kjellman


"There are few studios in the world that make me comfortable. The Panic Room is one in a million – excellent monitoring, a beautiful console and some tasty outboard! A world-class mix-room run by world class people!"

/ Max Norman
(Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Lynch Mob, Y&T)

"It is a true pleasure working with Plec. He always brings such a positive energy with him in to the studio. A true pro is an understatement, he keeps me on my toes! An overall great engineer, musician and person. I love that he is such a gear geek as well."

/ David Castillo
(Opeth, Bloodbath, Dark Tranquility, Katatonia)

"Soilwork handed Plec the tricky job of mastering a compilation spanning six different recording sessions. Not only did he do an absolutely terrific job, he was also a breeze to work with. All hail Plec!"

/ Dirk Verbeuren
(Megadeth, Soilwork, Scarve)

"Plec is one of the Real Guys out there with infinite sonic knowledge. I searched high and low for someone with monumental, liberal musical ears who could treat my home-brewed music the right away, to really get under the skin of each strange tune. Needless to say, Plec pulled it off in a grand way!"

/ Mattias Eklundh
(Freak Kitchen, Freak Guitar)

"Plec keeps pushing the limits and making great noise at The Panic Room. Very happy to be a part of that with the Lindell MM-24 active speaker system. The setup and room sounds insainly good."

/ Tobias Lindell
(Mustasch, Europe, Hardcore Superstar)